Smileback it’s a smart backpanel that help you to don’t have backpain anymore

How does smileBack works?

smileBack checks your posture constantly and it gives you a feedback when your posture is wrong.
smileBack also tells you when you should take a break.

How much smileBack costs?

smileBack is free! It’s released with the MIT Open Hardware licence this means that you can build your own one following the instructions.

What about the cloud service of smileBack?

Once that you have built your own smart backpanel you can decide if connect it to the cloud using a specific key and have access to all the statistics that.

What are you doing with the statistics?

We want to study how backpain is evolving, we want to know why you have backpain and helping you to heal from it.

How can I build smileBack, the smart backpanel?

There are videos that explain the entire process, soon it will be avalaible a new version that will be much more easier to build.